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eternal entertainment enterprise – emits its own frequency



EternalEntertainmentEnterpriseLogo2Mission Statement:

“Entertaining evermore the soul.” Our goal is to thoughly entertain each and every individual; transmitting lifelong memories for future generations. Eternal entertainment enterprise seeks to give family and friends alike anything from a catered event to a fine dining experience, a personal audio/visual recording or one of our live shows within a simple cafe experience 24 hours a day.

A Song I Made _w_ Reasons & ProTools – Drum Program by RAWBE

Another Song I Made _w_ just ProTools – Project 2 2

RAWBE Let It Be_w_Traktor on N4 (Explicit Lyrics)


OneLove-n-everything’lbealright_w_Serato Scratch Live on Technics 1200’s

OneLove-n-everything’lbealright_w_Serato Scratch Live on Technics 1200’s on MIxCloud


JESUS’DAY_w_RAWBE_w_Serato Scratch Live on Technics 1200’s

St. Louis Underground Music by RAWBE


Some Record Labels Insist Upon Payment Everytime a Song They Own Is Played

Some Record Labels Insist Upon Payment Every Time a Song They Own Is Played

I recently experienced copyright issues with SoundCloud. I produce music, but then I also DJ other peoples’ music. Was removed from SoundCloud because I did not own the track or have permission from the record company to play their artist’s song.

On Apr 08, 2015 at 05:24AM CEST <> wrote:

Username: RAWBEeeternal



Subject: Copyright
I received this message from SoundCloud: “Your upload OneLove-n-everything’lbealright has been removed from your profile
Hi RAWBEeeternal,
Our automatic content protection system has detected that your track:
may contain the following copyrighted content:
“Detrimentally Stable” by Monie Love, owned by Parlophone UK

May I put up a set list and then re-post the mix? I am not making any money off the mix/post.

Kind regards,
Robert F. Luepker, Jr.

Here is the same recording on MixCloud:

SoundCloud Copyright <>

Apr 8 (6 days ago)

Hello there,

Thanks for taking the time to write in to us about this. At SoundCloud, we strive to ensure that everybody’s rights are respected, and mixes are blocked when they are detected as containing copyrighted material.

If you use parts of a track in a modified way, such as in DJ sets, remixes, or mashups, please bear in mind that the original creator owns the copyright for that part in your track and, based on current copyright legislation, you will need their explicit permission to publish your track on SoundCloud. Some producers and publishers are fine with others using their material, but some are not and do not want their works altered or distributed without their explicit consent.

Giving credit to the original artist or including a setlist with your upload is unfortunately not sufficient to allow you to post other people’s tracks on SoundCloud, you’ll always need explicit permission.

If you are able to provide proof that you do have permission from the original rights holders to publish their material in your upload on SoundCloud, we’re happy to manually review your permissions. Please log into your account and fill out the form here:

You can find more information on copyrights here:

Thanks for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Best regards,

SoundCloud Copyright Team

For your reference this is Case #: 1324153

I have come to find out that MixCloud is for uploading dj mixes and other artists’ music. SoundCloud it meant for original recordings.

It all has to do with licensing.

Most clubs and music venues pay the record companies for licensing to play artists’ music for a profit.



Would you like to record an audio track and visual accompaniment from your home with remote access to a professional studio? Now you can!


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Anyone can stand out on the internet with simple audio/visual recordings…

Have you ever wondered why certain internet posts stand out more than others?

It has to do with Grabbing peoples’ attention!

Simple audio/visual recordings can make or break any post. Articles and blog posts that stand out have an element of video, pictures or audio accompaniment. Depending on the setting someone has on their device, videos will start playing automatically and jump off the screen.

Memes or pictures with captions are major attention getters also. But we are going to focus on adding video and audio recording to internet posts.

First, figure out what you want to post and possibly circulate throughout the world.

Second, create a video on a storyboard (shorter videos get more views) and write down what audio and/or lyrics you would like to accompany your video (pictures/slideshow).

Then third, record video and/or audio companion on phone or computer.

The rest is techie stuff that can be accomplished with apps or software.

If you’ve made it this far, you should have some idea of what you would like to display to the world in words, video or picture and maybe an audio companion. But This Stuff Looks and Sounds Like a Child Recorded It!

Apps, apps, apps and software:

I personally use ProTools and Ableton for audio recordings. And I use Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro to enhance my video. But There Are So Many Apps Available that Get the Job Done!

Recordings can be done on any smartphone or computer with a mic and camera. Then, just search for the right app and have fun!

AutoRap and DJStudio 5 are a couple of the audio apps I downloaded from Google Play Store for free. And Magisto Video Editor, Movie Editor and VideoFX Music Video Maker are only a few of the free video tools offered.

Once you have audio or visual recording, importing into software or apps is a cinch, or certain software and apps allow direct recording. Now you are ready to enhance and edit! This is the fun part, manipulating audio and video in ways you may not have ever imagined possible.

Last, upload your video, pictures and/or audio with your post, and watch comments and likes flow…